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Kate Upton Celebrates her Work with S. I. (Video)

Kate Upton Celebrates her work with S. I.   It’s been four years since Kate Upton debuted with S.I. and the relationship still has a bond fit just for the two. Tiny bikinis and beach backdrops seem to perfect Upton’s statue as a supermodel. It’s still surprising to see such great chemistry between the famed S.I. […]

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Miranda Kerr’s Sexy Post VS Look (Reebook Commercial)

If you didn’t know; Miranda Kerr is no longer a VS Angel, but that doesn’t mean the Australian bombshell isn’t keeping it sexy. Kerr’s recent commercial for Rebook is proof there is life after Victoria’s Secret not that Tyra and Heidi didn’t already do this. What will be Kerr’s next move though? I guess it […]

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Hot Pick: “Sleepers” by Big Phill Baby Video Directed by Bidduh Films [Produced by Justice League]

Big Phill Baby sounds the alarm with a wake up call for the music industry only a track by the Justice League could supply. This southern based artist seems to be in line with a slew of names that hold the southern crown. It’s pretty evident that 15 years would call any working professional a […]

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Beauty Is What Beauty Does: An Effortless Look From Burberry

In our latest series of beauty tips we scoured the Burberry beauty archive to bring you an effortless look that will compliment any look! Check out the tutorial!

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Victoria’s Secret Opens its Second Largest Store in the World

Lindsay Ellingson introduces us to the second largest Victoria’s Secret store opening in the world. Vancouver. Take a moment and follow Lindsey through an Über Grand Opening! Also, check out a BTS interview with Victoria’s Secret Supermodel Lindsay Ellngson! And don’t forget to shop

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