Dollars Adding Up For Netflix CEO Reed Hastings

Top employees and managers are suppose to get the largest salaries right?

Netflix CEO, Reed Hastings, is counting the dollar as his compensation sees nearly a 50% increase. An increase that equates to compensation package of $36.1 million. Variety reports, “— that’s up from $24.4 million the previous year.” 

HIs salary is only $700,000 but his stock is worth $35.4 million according to further reports by Variety and public filings.

Hastings isn’t the only one seeing big dollar signs. Netflix’s Ted Sarandos, Chief Content Officer is paid $12 million from a $26.6 million dollar compensation package. Other members of Netflix’s executive team saw salaries and compensations in the range of $6.4 million upwards to 14.8.

While these media executives are seeing top dollar for their roles; media exes are capable of earning over $100 million in salary and compensation.

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