A Hero-less Gotham Gets Cast for Fox


Have you ever wondered what your favorite Superhero’s city would be like without a Superhero? Oswald Copplepot will. Gotham, the series will explore Gotham pre-Batman who’s yet to be cast. Sean Pertwee as Alfred will have to watch over young Bruce Wayne while we see Gotham’s future turn Copplepot the infamous Penguin. Will Cobblepot have free reign to terrorize Gotham? Can James Gordon and Captain Essen, Gordon’s boss( played by Burn Notice’s Zabryna Guevara) keep the peace in Gotham? Will they stop the infamous villain who’s been set to be portrayed by Robin Lord Taylor?

If you really want to know what happens we suggest you find the comic or just catch the series airing on Fox. There are no dates for Gotham but if you follow us on Twitter and like us on Facebook we’ll keep you posted!

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