Style Fabrication: Chiffon

Image Credit: MY|TRND-Donna Karan '14

Image Credit: MY|TRND-Donna Karan ’14

An elegant cloth for feminine silhouettes that expands as far as a cozy Sunday evening by the ocean pier. When paired with lace or silk; chiffon can be transformed as a staple for the most seductive feme fatale’s expression.

Chiffon was derived from the French as a cloth plain woven of balanced sheer fabric. S and Z twist crepe or high twist yarn gives this fabric it’s stretch and slightly rough feel. Chiffon is usually made of cotton, silk, or synthetic fibers. A fabric so delicate seamsters will usually use tissue paper in between the fabric while sewing so that the fabric would stay in place and together while sewing. This hand washed fabric is a go to style for evening dresses, blouses, ribbons, scarves and lingerie. It’s also used in gowns for a floating effect.

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