YouTube Partners Set To Branch Out As A Competing Digital Network

MakerStudios_logo-309Maker Studios is home to a network of channels reaching over 30 million people a month and 3 billion views in the US, according to ComScore.  Its partnership with YouTube is one of YouTube’s biggest alliances. So, why bite the hand that feeds you? Or is Maker Studios food for thought on the world’s largest online video network. Either way YouTube will see two new competitors formed from its network.

The Wrap confirms Entreprenuer and YouTube partner Jason Calacnis comments during a chat at the STREAM conference earlier on Tuesday that two different competitors would emerge in the fall. He cited Maker as one of those competitors.

TheWrap reported Maker’s Chief Development Officer Chris Williams had this to say:

“We are exploring lots of different options. YouTube is and will always be our biggest partner”

Why leave and compete with the largest online video network?

Maker Studios has been one of the more progressive networks on YouTube and has had success grouping audiences and cross-promoting. Challenges with building business outside of YouTube could be sufficient enough for Maker to develop a new business model and take on the online video market with a new approach.

Maker Studios’ new media strategy could present new development in online production much like the success of Netflix’s House of Cards as well as new advertising models that could parallel those of cable television.

This is just the beginning now that Hollywood is taking more attention. Maker Studios received a 36 million cash infusion last year from investors and TimeWarner.

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